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dental injection needle

This product is one of essential tool in dental hospital for cleaning tooth, also it's specialized for dental clinic to deal with teeth beauty or other usage which is relevant with teeth like teeth whitening,spot flushing...etc. Usually 3ml and 5ml is the best choice to make it work together.

More details

Products Code No.

MTC-di01 ~ MTC-di03


Available Size




--Cannula, Needle hub


Raw Material

--Cannula: High quality austenitic stainless steel

--Needle hub: Medical grade PVC




--1. EO sterile or r-ray sterile, non-pyrogenic

--2. Cannula is coated with silicon through a special treatment needle is compised of upper and lower protecitive cap ,needle and needle hub.

the cannula is precisely processed and siliconized to redeuce pain and skin trauma for patients.

Standard Packing



--Bulk or individual PE(polybag) or Blister

--Outer box