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About us

    Our factorys(Sunrise Medtech Corporation) is one of leading manufacturer in China in producing disposable medical equipment and export.(We also could call it disposable medical supplier) Production range includes disposable sterile syringes, disposable sterile hypodermic needles, safety auto-destruct syringes, insulin syringes, infusion sets, blood transfusion sets, scalp vein sets, I.V. catheter, dental cleaning needles, urine bags, gloves, disposable dental kits, disposable surgical kits, health care kits, etc.

    Our holding company also makes the equipment for producing disposable syringes, such as: syringe auto-assembling machine, barrel printing machine, syringe auto-packing machine, ethylene oxide sterilizer, a lot kinds of molds for syringe and infusion sets.

    Our factory not only exports high quality products to customers, but also helps our customers to set up manufactories aboard, with many years of valuable experience in the medical field. We provide technical support, equipment purchasing, plant design (layout), design and making mould, much more value-added services. In recent 5 years we had helped our customers build up 5 factories in Iraq, Egypt, Kosovo etc., and we also had helped customers run factories successfully. The result is extremely remarkable, besides we became long-term strategic partner, we also made mutual friends through this kind of cooperation!

    In order to give variety of good services to our clients and to face the intensifying market competition, board of directors determined to establish two patent international export companies: Tianjin Medic Medical equipment Co., Limted. and Sunrise Medtech International Co., Ltd. Using advantages of these two companies completely, we offer excellent services to our counterparts and clients all over the world. There are two owned production bases located in the area of China, one of them(Tianjin MEDIC Medical Equipment CO.,LTD.) situated in Tianjin (Independently administered municipal district), the ninth largest port in the world, nearby Beijing (Capital of China). It's very convenient to export cargos from here, because of privileged location. The other manufactory(Shandong WUZHOU Medical Equipment CO.,LTD.) located in Heze city, Shandong province.  It was established in 2010, with fairly large scale and capacity of production.

   Except two of our owned main factorys, we also had cooperated factorys who had our investment share. So that means our group(Sunrise Medtech Corporation) is a big and firm holding company.

    Welcome friends from all over the world come and direct our manufactory. 
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