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Silk Screen Auto-Printing Machine

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The equipment is mainly used for printing the scale of disposable medical products, such as syringes scale lines, and other medical tubes.The device is a syringe barrel through the turntable conveyor with silicone extrusion wheel rotation to scale printing, ink go through the silicone pad rotary wheel, and then rotate to move through the silica gel on the syringe barrel, and then drying the professional equipment, Pad printing machine speed can be controlled by frequency conversion to meet the user requirements.

The equipment used for printing scale syringe when the syringe barrel wall can be equipped with spray silicone devices, printing, high efficiency, is the traditional screen printing for more than 2 times, printing supplies using the less is the most advanced printing equipment.

It’s using Microcomputer control, Liquid crystal display, Timing with Japanese Mitsubishi Transducer, Photo switch monitoring, Auto-stop when no material, Feeding automatically by storage bins, small power consumption, low noise, High printing speed, Stable and reliable performance. Tubular electric heating element heating and drying, hot and cold wind running smoothly, automatic temperature adjustment. The double row of printing device can be controlled separately and independent operation, does not affect another work. This machine is equipped with two scraper, enable printing uniform, prevent oil black and drying, spray guns automatically spray silicone oil, one worker can operate double rows. Greatly improve product quality and production efficiency.

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