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Semi-automatic Needle Assembly Machine

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This machine is a product line for semiautomatic Hypodermic Needle assembly and applicable to independent assembly of Hypodermic needle with diameter ranging from 0. 45 to 1. 36


Assembly procedure: Equip the tool---assembly pin rest---assembly pinpoint---adhesive glue---drying---check the pinpoint, blockage and silicone oil coating---punching the protective cap and counting automatically---taking out the finished product.



1. High productive. The average assembly rate is six times that of handwork. Greatly decrease production cost and space, thus improve the utilization rate of the workshops.

2. One-time molding and suitable for mass production.

3. Easy to produce various products just by changing the working position.

4. The machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, thus ensure the clean and bacterium-free products.

5. Adopt programming controller imported from Omron, and pneumatic components from SMC. Working well for a long time without any malfunction.

6. Silicone oil cooling technique is applied.

7. Protection cap automatically covered. Special device designed for not-contact with the pinpoint.

8. Semiautomatic method can coat the silicone oil and clean out the residual silicone oil in the pin hole automatically. Thus there will not any oil blockage even in the very small pinpoint.

9. The amount of glue can be adjusted conveniently so as to produce the qualified products.

10. The drying device, temperature and time can be adjusted so as to produce the qualified products.



1. Dimension: L7660  X  W2000  X  H1600

2. Net weight: About 2.7T

3. Power: 380V , 50HZ  15KW x3P  N and PE

4. Air consuming: 50L/Min

5. Output: 25000~30000/h

6. Operator: 6 persons

7. Productivity: 20,000 to 30,000 pieces per hour

8. Applicable needle size: 27G to 16G

9. Air consuming: 800NL minimum

10.Extra air pressure: ≥0.6Mpa

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