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Automatic syringes packing Machine

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Transmit the membrane automatically, and at the same time, blow into shape, print, recombine and split automatically, thus enjoy high productivity. The main application of this machine is packing of disposable medical product, such as disposable syringe, transfusion sack. It is also applicable in packing such products as pharmacy, food, textile, toys and tooth brush.


This apparatus is suitable for paper/plastic composite packing, plastic/plastic composite packing and hard membrane packing. If the soft printer is equipped to this apparatus, it is able to print words and graphs directly, which can be used to save printing cost (by using white dialyse paper) and improve productivity.


1.Due to application of dialyse paper, the diffusion of ethylene oxide is facile and this greatly reduces the sterilization time and improves the utilization efficiency of workshops. molding and suitable for mass production
3.Easy to produce various products just by changing the mould.
4.The machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, thus ensure the clean and bacterium-free products.
5.The electric pneumatic components are imported from Mitsubishi, Omron, SMC etc., and the vacuum pump is from BUSH. Working well for a long time without any malfunction.

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