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2012 MAY, our group(Sunrise Medtech) formally announced that we will set up a more professional needle factory in Shandong province where near by our syringe factory. Currently we only manufacture finished hypodermic needle for our customers, as customer's variable request increasing and for achieving our group's gold, we decided to run a sub-factory to produce cannula and needle together. Because we had expert(engineer) of cannula and needle, our new factory will be proceeding in a short time. Stainless steel cannula and needle will be mainly products which will be manufactured in this factory. Not only provide them to ourselves factory, but also sell them to all of the world who must need them.(Commonly the syringe,infusion set,scalp vein set factorys)

All of raw materials(S304 stainless steel) are imported from Japan and Sweden. For making sure the high quality of our products.