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Infusion set with safety and precise regulator

This precise infusion set is different from other conventional infusion set, its regulator could under control from 1ml/h~290ml/h, this kind of regulator is imported and its parameter is more better and safety than common type.(Also better than circular type which made in china.)

More details

Products Code No.


Available Size
--According to customers’ requirement


--Spike with air vent,Drip chamber with filter,Precise&safety regulator,"Y"Site,Luer lock ,Elastic tube, with or without hypodermic needle.


Raw Material
--Spike: Transparent ABS
--Roller: Flat type imported from aboard
--Drip chamber: Elastic PVC
--Filter: ABS + nylon net
--"Y" Site: Latex-free or synthetic
--Hypodermic needle: Made of Stainless steel AISI 304, the size is according to the ISO9626.
--Tube: Made of medical grade transparent PVC


--1. Sterilized by Ethylene oxide Gas(EOG), sterilized by special condition to protect the precise&safety regulator's function.
--2. Single use only and discard after use. Only transferred under gravity


Standard Packing

We usually using middle box to protect this product. It's high-end market using.