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2 parts syringe

Products Code No.

MTC-sr202(2ml) MTC-sy203(3ml) MTC-sr205(5ml) MTC-sr210(10ml) MTC-sr220(20ml)


Available Size


--(centric or excentric) luer slip



-- Barrel, Plunger, Cannula, Needle hub, Needle Protector


Raw Material

--Barrel: Made of medical, transparent Polypropylene with plunger stopped ring.

--Plunger: Made of medical polypropylene.

--Cannula: Made of Stainless steel AISI 304, the size is according to the ISO9626.

--Needle Hub: Made of medical grade PVC colored according to ISO6009.

--Needle protector: Made of medical grade transparent PVC or PE.



--1. Single use, non-toxic, pyrogen-free. .

--2. Sterilized by Ethylene oxide Gas(EOG), according to EN550 standard.

--3. Luer slip or luer lock nozzle permits to adapt the needle hub.

--4. The Barrel is transparent enough to help the user observe the mixture and liquid flow easily.

--5. The indelible graduation makes the reading easy.

--6. The distance between finger grips and barrel is according to the ISO Standards, it can guarantee an easy grip.


Standard Packing

--Individual: PE(polybag) or blister

--Inner and outer box carton

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