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Micro Drip Burette Infusion Set

for children infusion 

More details

Products Code No.


Available Size
--According to customers’ requirement


--Spike with air vent,Drip chamber with filter,Precise&safety regulator,"Y"Site,Luer lock ,Elastic tube, with or without hypodermic needle.


Raw Material

1)100ml and 150ml graduated burette with shut-off valve

2)60 drops=1±0.1ml 

3)Flexible drip chamber with filter

4)Slip or lock adapter with protective cap 

5)Latex/Latex-free injection site

6)ABS Spike,air vented with cap,drip chamber with filter, with Y injection site,luer lock connector,

7)tubing 1.5m/1.8m. Medical grade PVC tube,NON-DEHP PVC available Clear, transparent and soft tubing

8)Burette made by medical TPE




--1. Sterilized by Ethylene oxide Gas(EOG), sterilized by special condition to protect the precise&safety regulator's function.
--2. Single use only and discard after use. Only transferred under gravity


Standard Packing

We usually using middle box to protect this product. It's high-end market using.