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Disposable Blood Tube for Hemodialysis Dialyzer

1. Medical Grade PVC Tubing
2. Guarded Various Diameter for Machine
3. E.O.Gas Sterilization
4. Pump Segments for Conventional and High Flow Rates

5. Easy to handle, kink-resistant tubing.

6. We have CE and ISO13485

7.  We have GMP certificate

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Packaging Details:1.Blister packing, 

                                   2.Bag: 240*

                                   3.Carton: 56.5*38.5*25.5cm/24pcs


Directions for use:

·Take out the blood lines from package.

·Remove the arterial and venous blood port caps from the dialyzer after removed the covers from the Dialyzer connectors on the arterial and venous blood lines , firmly connect these to the dialyzer Red/Red , Blue/Blue.

·Ensure that all the machine monitors are connected to the extracorporeal circuit as per the machine manufactures instructions

·The blood lines and dialyzer are rinsed by approximately one liter of heparinized saline to avoid the risk of coagulation,( The heparin dosage must be prescribed by the doctor.) Let the affuse and rinse solutin to an empty vessel from venous line.


·Connect administration set to arterial line . then fill heparin line and arterial line with saline solution. Allow saline solution toexpel air from blood line and dialyzer. A. lnvert drip chamber to fill ,and return when full B. Blood line can be filled by blood pump .In this case air tends to remain at pump segment. Expel air completely. C. When wet type dialyzer is used , fill arterial line with saline solution completely before connecting with dialyzer


·Before the initial saline being used out , connect the administration set with the heparinized saline bottle

·After the saline of blood circuit and dialyzer being to totally replaced with hearinized saline both sides of the pipe should be clamped.

·Clamp the administration set.

·Recheck all the connections have been connect properly

·When the rinsing and filling of the blood circuit being finished, start dialyzing according to the instruction of the dialyzer A.When using the blood pump , remove the clamp from the venous line .  B.The pipe for the pump should be properly connected with the pump according to the instructions