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Bulletion/Public Notice/announcement

We help our customer set up new syringe factory!

We are a professional company who have ability to help you establish a syringe or infusion set factory, because we already had help some customers found their own factory successfully. those successful and precious experiences push us do this project better than better.Not every company have that ability to make a whole syringe production line by one time, but we did! we could provide total solution to figure out all trouble problems what happen during bulding up factory to make you as a syringe manufacturer.

We are professional in setting up syringe and infusion set filed.From provide machines, LAB equipments,raw material,semi components of products,techinal guide,worker skill trainning and factory blueprint assistant ETC.

One sentence summarized: "trust us , then you will feel how easy set up a factory by us"


Contact with us for detail information about how to deal with installing factory.