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Needle Protector Mould

Raw material of mould are import from germany and japan. Our engineer almost have up to fifteen years experiences for producing medical moulds. Stainless steel hypodermic needle is best choice for sringe manufacturer.

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Product Code No.



Product Description


--Number of cavities: 30 cavities -  64 cavities

--Cycle time: 3-4 shots/min

--Guarantee peroid: We guarantee minimum 1million shots at least

--Type of Runner: Cold Runner system (Also available with Semi-Hot Runner system and Full Hot

   Runner system)

--Product Material: PP/PE

--Mirror Polish: Yes

--Mould Component: Interchangeable



--The slip tip and luer lock are centric or at side according to customer's request

--All dimensions and gemeral shape are exactly as the sample customer supplied

--if need changeable tip for luer lock, luer lock insert is one complete plate assembled by four


--Delivery time: 1~2 months after receipt of deposit