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scalp vein sets

Products Code No.

MTC-sv01 ~ MTC-sv13


Available Size




Intravenous cannula, Cannula Protector, Single or double wings, Soft tube, Luer lock connector, Luer lock Cover


Raw Material

--Intravenous cannula: Made of Stainless steel AISI 304, diameter and length according to the ISO standards.

--Cannula Protector: Made of Medical grade PE

--Single or double wings: Made of medical PVC, injection plastic, soft enough, coloured according to the AS 2485 Standards.

--Soft tube: Made of transparent medical grade PVC, soft enough, 30cm, 60cm, 90cm, 100cm in length, outer diameter 2.50mm, inner diameter 1.45mm.

--Luer lock connector: Made of transparent, hard PVC.

--Luer lock Cover: Made of transparent PVC. With thread mechanically

*Tube and wings, tube and connector is glued with solvent cyclohexanone.



--1. Sterilized by Ethylene oxide Gas(EOG), according to EN550 standard.

--2. Designed to provide quick venous access and greater patient comfort during long term infusion

--2. Butterfly shaped wings for better handling and attachment to skin

--2. The proximal end of set provided with female luer fitting to fit all available models of Infusion Sets, Blood Transfusion sets and Syringes etc.

--2. Thin wall needle for better flow rate per gauge

--2. The cannula with triple sharpening, it's polished, this makes injection painless.

--2. Colour codes to identify the diameter of the cannula ( diameter of the cannula indicated on the wings)


Standard Packing

--Individual: PE(polybag) or blister

--Inner & outer box